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Level Maker Toilet Paper Edition is a Level Maker fangame made by the person writing this wiki page. (GaisterWoodGuy on Fandom & LMTPEYT on LM1) .It's complicated,but let me explain:

Creating An Account

So creating account is simple:open up a website called Flowlab.io and start making an account.However you NEED to put (LMTPE) at the end of your name.

Creating a level

This is where it gets a bit complicated.Make a new game and put "LMTPE" at the start of the title.This will mean it's an LMTPE level.Then put the character down.This can be Skin1 (a standing up cat with no fail and has toilet paper for a head) or Skin2 (A red stickfigure also with a toilet paper head,representing the default skin from LM1 & 2.)Then add the blocks (You can create your own blocks.) and the flag (Use the ✋ and eraser feature and form it into a flag facing right.Open up behaviours for the character and put "Run & Jump" on the character.Optional:Also add the "Bar" behaviour.Now place the enemies down.They are ordinary blocks with red eyes like capital "I"s without the _ at the top & bottom.Add the "dangerous" behaviour on them and open the bundle and make the death message "LEVEL FAILED!Don't touch that!Retry"(You need a PC/Laptop/Mac for that).


For the character put "Movable" when you go to "Physics" for the character.Put solid on and DEFINITELY put "Affected by gravity" on.


IDs for LMTPE are the numbers that are at the end of the link to the game/level.Search up "LMTPE" in Flowlab (Games) to find some LMTPE levels.Send me your IDs in the comments!Also,Super Mario Parkour Jam ,LMTPE and MoreLMTPE make up the main LMTPE account.

Skin3 & Skinman

You may have noticed that "Skin1/Skin2" had changed to "Skin1/Skin2/Skin3/Skinman".Well,this is because Skin3 & Skinman were added in 0.2 and this wiki page was written in 0.1.

The Animated Series

LMTPETAS is an animated Level Maker Toilet Paper Edition series with 8.5 episodes.The first episode was made on the 10th of February.


Episode 1:Complete Idiot

Episode 2:Box

Episode 3:Strange

Episode 4:Portals And Madness Are NOT A Good Mix.

Episode 5:Treehouse Buddies

Episode 6:But it's not Friday...

Episode 7:The Seven Seas

Episode 8:Did Skin1 Survive?

Episode 8.5:Box 2


So recently 0.3 has come out.There is a new skin,Skin4.Yeah,I'm not going to say anymore because I'm lazy to remember what the heck I put in 0.3.

Level Maker GAMES 5-10

Vanilla Level Maker (By Just Bubbles/VLM/Shockwave,technically UNRELEASED or just on an unknown game maker thing)

Level Maker Remastered (By Magnum) (Unreleased)

Level Maker 7 (By Frostbite) (Just it's own announcement trailer) (On LM1)

Gas Tank Maker (By Frostbite) (Only 1 level) (On YT)

Level Maker Geography (By Me & Magnum) (On LM1)

Colour Level Maker (By Frostbite,on YT)

How to get

Vanilla Level Maker:Play 1215833 in LM1.

Level Maker Remastered:coming soon

Level Maker 7:Coming Soon

Gas Tank Maker:Search up "LEVEL MAKER 8" on YouTube.

Level Maker Geography:Coming Soon

Colour Level Maker:Search up "CLM Level 1"

Skin1 INFO bc it won't let me create other character INFO lol